How Do Car Title Loans Work

It's Like Pawning Your Watch...But Not Quite

A title loan is when you use the equity of your car, truck, van or other vehicle as security for a loan. It's kind of like taking your watch into a pawn shop for some quick cash but with a few differences. You still have to get to and from work and such right? You will not have to leave your car as you would with your watch. Instead you will leave your car's title as collateral then get it back once the loan is paid off.

Your credit isn't that important since the loan is based primarily on the value of your vehicle. As long as you are not currently in bankruptcy your credit is usually good enough to get a title loan. You do have to show that you have some means of paying the loan off. Either by showing you have a job or some other means of income. This is really for your protection as well as the title loan lender.
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Title Loans are based on the equity in your car so you can receive your funds even when your credit isn't great.